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Geothermal systems are energy efficient, and actively use the heat of the earth to provide power for cooling, heating, and hot water systems. Since hot water heating accounts for over 70% of an annual utility bill for the average home, it's easy to believe that many homeowners seek a way to cut their costs. Geothermal is an incredibly efficient and cost-effective solution both to help your energy run cleaner, as well as at lower prices.

Any HVAC system that uses a geothermal heat pump, energy costs become significantly less. Not only will a geothermal system provide a 400% increase in energy efficiency, but it will provide you with an 80% decrase in annual energy costs for your HVAC systems. A 2,000 square foot home can be cool for about one dollar a day with a geothermal system.

How geothermal energy works:

Deep beneath the earth's surface, the earth's temperature hovers around 50 degrees, no matter what the temperature may be at the surface. Geothermal energy takes water that comes through an underground loop of pipes. The temperature of the water, which is around 50 degrees initially because of the depth of the location, is then to sent to your heat pump's refrigerant to warm or cool it.

A regular heat pump will struggle when it's cold, and may inappropriately disperse air on the hottest of days. Since geothermal energy comes from the ground, it only has to extract and diffuse its radiation through the 50-degree liquid - which is not too hot or cold.

Due to the constant temperature of the water at such deep levels, geothermal systems can be used efficiently in most different types of climates. Most geothermal systems last about 20 years, and are able to be installed in most types of houses. Geothermal systems are also eligible for Residential Renewable Energy Property Tax Credits for personal property through the year 2016. 
Under this law (1122), taxpayers can claim unlimited 30% renewable energy tax credits for qualified, ENERGY STAR geothermal heat pumps installed in US homes on or after January 1, 2009 and on or before December 31, 2016.

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